Importance of pipeline endoscope in boiler pipeline inspection

November 10, 2021
It is necessary to go through a process from the occurrence and development of defects in operating boilers and pressure vessels to the occurrence of accidents.Such as the pressure components from the slot, cracking, corrosion, deformation, etc., are not suddenly happened.If can undertake technical examination in overhaul, undertake inside, external examination namely, can discover defect in time, master its development trend, take corresponding measure, prevent the happening of accident thereby.
Daily precautions for boiler piping:
1. Each unit shall set up a working group to prevent explosion and leakage of pressure vessels and boilers, strengthen professional management, technical supervision and management, and professional training and assessment, and improve the responsibility system at all levels.
2. Strict supervision and supervision during boiler manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
3. Prevent overpressure and overtemperature.
4. Prevent large-scale corrosion of the device.
5. Prevent blast of furnace outer pipe.
6. Prevent boiler four tube explosion leakage.
7. Prevent large scale peeling off of oxide skin in tube of high-temperature heating surface of ultra-critical boiler.
8. Austenitic stainless steel tubules supervision.
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