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CCTV detection


Jiutai Endoscope, Borescope, CCTV detection (central control industrial pipeline endoscopic camera) technology, in some developed countries and regions in the world, has been applied to the system inspection of drainage pipelines, prevention of pollution caused by leakage, and monitoring and prevention of geological disasters (such as landslides). .

CCTV detection is a new type of application engineering technology. It uses the industrial pipeline endoscopic camera system to continuously and real-time record the actual situation inside the pipeline. The technicians perform the on-site location of the problems existing inside the pipeline according to the video data captured by the camera system. The determination and the nature of the defect are real-time, intuitive, accurate and certain forward-looking. In the active prevention of environmental protection and the adoption of targeted technical measures, the maintenance of drainage pipes, the elimination of rain, the stagnation of sewage and the prevention and control Pipeline leakage pollution provides a reliable technical basis.

CCTV testing is mainly used in:

Environmentally friendly sewage leak detection

Completion acceptance of new drainage system

Completion acceptance of drainage system renovation or dredging

Sewage treatment plant receives excessive unexplained infiltration or insufficient water supply through the drainage system

Investigation of causes such as pipeline siltation and poor drainage

Detection of the combined flow of directly discharged sewage and treated sewage

Detection of corrosion, damage, interface misalignment, siltation, scaling, etc. of pipelines

Find repair wells or unidentified pipe segments that cannot be found due to drainage systems or infrastructure construction


The detection system is suitable for the detection of siltation, scaling and leakage failure of sewage pipelines with high fullness of sewage, large flow, and unable to stop water due to production discharge, etc., and is not suitable for CCTV detection. ) Pipes of various materials ranging from 125mm to 3000mm, the test results are processed by professional software, and the results have an intuitive effect.

The application of sonar detection provides a scientific basis for targeted pipeline maintenance and ensuring the normal operation of the pipeline; it can be used to carry out the drainage pipeline with large discharge, short discharge interval or continuous discharge under the condition of ensuring complete normal discharge. Detection; is the most advanced and effective method for the detection of drainage systems in the world.

High-pressure cleaning uses the high-pressure water flow generated by the pipeline high-pressure cleaner to flush the inner wall of the pipeline. The water piston formed in the pipeline centered on the spray head is pulverized and dragged out by the forward movement of the high-pressure hose and the repeated movement of the backward traction to achieve the purpose of cleaning and unblocking the inside of the pipeline. High-pressure cleaning is the most effective way to clear the pipeline when it is silted and blocked

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