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Industrial Borescope Camera


  • The plugging of sewage pipes is a problem that is easily encountered in daily life, leaving many people with an unusual headache. The correct way to clear the sewer is very important, knowing that this can do more with less. You can buy a Borescope to inspect the pipe first instead of the worker go into the pipe.
  • First, how to do the sewer blocked

    The general sewer dredge refers to the clogging of sewers in daily life, including the toilets, floor drains, sinks, sinks and other sewers. Some of these pipes are inadvertently dropped into foreign objects during installation or are blocked due to installation errors. In some cases, fouling occurs during the use of pipes, making the inner diameter of pipes thinner so as to affect normal discharge. In the above two situations, it is generally easy to dispose of by using a pipe dredging machine to directly dredge or to use pipes to clear particles. If you enter cement during the renovation process, it will be very difficult to clear. There are very few people who can deal with it effectively, so the cost is very high.

    First of all, it is necessary to identify the main reasons for the blockage, rather than blindly clearing, because only when the cause can be taken correct and effective method of clearing; then according to the degree of blockage to select the correct method of clearing, if the general debris is blocked, You can use a simple tool to solve it yourself. If it is a serious blockage, ask a professional to clear it.

    Here ,we will introduce the pipe inspectin camera, borescope,cctv camera for the pipe inspection


    Pipe Inspection Camera Detection 7

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