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Petroleum and Natureal Gas Pipeline Inspection Camera


China is the world's largest producer of metal pipes. There are more than 2,000 large and small metal pipe enterprises with an annual output of nearly 100 million tons, of which nearly 30% are exported. Due to the lack of mature detection technology and equipment in the country, high-priced foreign equipment often fails to adapt to the domestic complex production environment, resulting in most domestically-made pipes being low value-added structural pipes and low-pressure fluid pipes, making it difficult to enter the international high-end market. The National Development and Reform Commission proposed that China's steel industry should improve the quality of its development. From the major steel pipe producing countries to the strong steel pipe producing countries, the development of on-line non-destructive testing comprehensive technology and complete sets of equipment suited to the national conditions has become an urgent need of the industry.

Experts believe that the R&D and promotion of this equipment will drive the progress of detection technology in the entire industry and increase the international competitiveness and application of domestic pipe in high-end areas such as nuclear power plants, high-pressure boiler tubes, aerospace pipe, petroleum and natural gas pipelines, and so on. Product quality and added value to promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, the improvement of the quality of metal pipes can reduce the incidence of accidents in high-risk situations caused by cracking, leakage, and explosion, and improve the quality of economic operations. For the application enterprise, through the real-time detection of this equipment, it can analyze the causes of the disability of metal pipes and rods, adjust the production equipment in time, increase the product qualification rate, save a lot of energy and raw materials, and save significant profits.




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