Application of industrial endoscope in Power Plant

October 22, 2020

Power plants are one of the main applications of industrial endoscopes. China is a large power producer, and there are thousands of power plants of different sizes in China. Therefore, industrial endoscopes are the most important detection tool used in daily maintenance and maintenance.Boiler heat exchanger, superheater header, temperature reducer header, reheater header, high load and low load header in power plant;Water wall and header pipe;The cylinder, the center hole of the large shaft and so on are the main working conditions that need to use industrial endoscope to detect.

Zhengzhou JiuTai Technology

Industrial endoscope mainly judging whether there are sediments examination process in power plant, whether there is a crack, in use process to see if there is aging, pipe butt joint is qualified people cannot be directly observed with the naked eye such as some internal situation, industrial endoscope into the narrow space, the situation of internal visual detection, can be found in a timely manner is not easy to be found by people, improve the work efficiency, so that we can through the timely detection of effective risk prevention, avoid bringing damage to plants and people's life.