CCTV Pipeline Inspection Equipment Introduce

April 28, 2022
  • CCTV(Close Circuit Television Inspection, called CCTV)pipe inspection system it is a kind of pipe inspection robot system which can be used for internal camera camera detection and measurement of drainage pipeline,The pipe camera system with strong dynamic performance, strong ability to drive and overcome obstacle, even in harsh pipeline conditions It also works well.
  • CCTV inspection is mainly in the form of close-circuit television recording , use the camera equipment enter to the drainage pipeline to transmit the image data to the controller for date analysis and detection. It is support image processing , recording camera’s function ,such as the camera’s rotation and flip, location etc. And also with the high quality image recording and test editing. The main working part include the crawler robot camera, controller, electric wire barrow.
  • Compared with the traditional pipeline inspection system method, it has the following obvious advantages:
  • 1. No need the person enter into the pipeline, it is can avoid the personal accidents.
  • 2. Due to use the modern scientific and technological, the work efficiency and quality have been greatly improved, so the pipe inspection camera can help find the root cause of the problem in the pipeline more fast and higher precision.

  • 3. To provide a reliable and accurate basis for the determination of the repair, dredging and cleaning of the pipeline.
  • 4. The pipe inspection camera  is provides a very scientific and effective method for pipeline construction completion acceptance and take-over inspection.