How to choose right industrial endoscope?

December 02, 2020


With the development of domestic professional technology, the types of industrial endoscopes are abundant, and the quality is also guaranteed. The most important thing when you are going to choose one type industrial endoscope is your requirement, that means its function. 


Different industrial endoscopes adapt to different working conditions . For example, the following two working conditions: first one,  water wall inspection.  If the water wall is not regularly overhauled, it is very easy to have a pipe burst accident, which will cause the equipment to stop work.  Even a series of safety risk will occur accidently.

pipe camera/pipe inspection camera/pipe robot camera

The structure of the water wall is complex, and the repeated arrangement of pipelines is very inconvenient when inspecting. It is impossible to directly observe the hidden dangers of such pipelines by visual inspection. When people is going to choose an industrial endoscope, please pay more attention on the lens , such as the brightness of the light source, the size of the lens, and the flexibility of the lens. For water wall pipes, a lens with a curved spring design can enter the pipe more smoothly for inspection.


After that, it is the choice of the detection line. The water walls are mostly arranged vertically upwards. If the flexible line is used for detection, it is not easy to operate. However, if the GFRP hard telescopic reel is used, it can be directly pushed directly. With a lens designed with a curved spring, a series of detection problems can be easily solved.

pipe camera/pipe inspection camera/pipe robot camera
Second is the choice of petrochemical industry: heat exchangers, heating furnace tubes, main pressure pipes, heating furnace tubes in coking workshops, etc., are all top priorities in the petrochemical industry. Since the diameter of each device is different, when choosing an industrial endoscope, the combination of multiple lenses can be more effective and rapid for inspection work. The EXPERT series independently developed and produced by Jiutai Technology rely on its unique flexibility and flexibility. The controller adopts a touch screen design, an integrated camera and video design, and outputs high-definition video images in real time. According to the actual working conditions, different diameter lenses and different lengths of detection lines can be selected. At the same time, the LED lighting system provides sufficient light sources for the detection environment with adjustable brightness.
In addition to the choice of product type, function, quality, etc., product service guarantee is also an important aspect that needs to be considered. In order to better serve customers, Jiutai Technology provides three major service systems (customized services, testing services, leasing services) and a number of value-added services, including 12-hour response services, provision of spare machine services, support for trade-in, and emergency salvage service. In addition, a two-year warranty service is also provided.