Inspection camera work for Industrial Pressure Pipeline

April 02, 2021

The internal inspection of industrial pipelines has begun to popularize pipeline video endoscopes. Pipeline endoscopes belong to the category of industrial endoscopes. As a large category of non-destructive testing tools, industrial pipeline endoscopes play an important role in the routine maintenance of pressure pipelines. effect.

The pressure pipeline is a system, which is related to each other and affects the whole body.

(1) The pressure pipeline has a large length-to-diameter ratio, which is easy to lose stability, and the stress condition is more complicated than that of a pressure vessel.

(2) The fluid flow in the pressure pipeline is complex, the buffer space is small, and the frequency of working conditions is higher than that of the pressure vessel (such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, displacement deformation, wind, snow, earthquake, etc.) may affect the pressure of the pressure pipeline Happening).

(3) There are many types of pipeline components and pipeline supports, and various materials have their own characteristics and specific technical requirements, and the selection of materials is complicated. To

(4) There are more possible leak points on the pipeline than on the pressure vessel, and there are usually five points on only one valve. To

(5) There are many types and large quantities of pressure pipelines, and there are many links in design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, and application management, which are very different from pressure vessels.