Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Application

January 06, 2021

Pipe inspection crawler robot,drain pipeline inspection camera ,industrial borescope, application :

1. Inspection of weld surface defects: Check the weld quality such as weld surface crack, incomplete penetration and weld leakage.

2. Cavity inspection: check for surface cracks, peeling, pulling, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.

3. Status check: When equipment (such as worm gear pump, engine, etc.) works, it will perform endoscopic inspection according to the items specified in the technical requirements.

4. Assembly inspection: After assembly or a certain process is completed, check whether the assembly position of each zero component meets the requirements of drawings or technical conditions; whether there are assembly defects.

5. Foreign objects inspection: check the internal cavity of the product residual internal debris, foreign objects and other surplus.