The construction and utilization of pipelines have been rapidly developed

October 17, 2020

The construction and utilization of pipelines have been rapidly developed, especially in the construction industry, agriculture, electric power and other industries where the market demand is constantly increasing, which further drives the rapid growth of the pipeline industry. Meanwhile, the pipeline inspectors also meet great difficulties in the inspection, such as:Radiation, toxic, high and low temperature, oil pipelines and larger pipeline corrosion degree, the traditional detection method is very time-consuming, power consumption, the consumption of resources, and the test is not complete, there is no way to correct the judgment of the internal situation, now the industrial endoscope is easy to solve these shortcomings, it may be extended at the time of testing the human visual, and can rotate, flip, at any point by focusing lens to accurately observed inside the pipeline, and record down, feedback to outside, achieve the timely and effective solve the potential safety hazard, industrial inspection is a good helper.

GT230 pipe detection endoscope, a new non-destructive testing equipment for pipe inner surface of 7mm to 700mm independently developed and designed by Jiuntai Technology Co., LTD., is a multi-functional endoscope with 10-inch hd display intelligent controller, dustproof and waterproof stainless steel control panel, and 10-120m GFRP rigid detection line for long-distance detection.Multi-purpose machine, multiple lenses can be used together, the lens supports axial 360° infinite rotation, radial 220° flip, can be electrically focused.IP68 waterproof standard, cold light source lighting scheme, brightness can be adjusted according to the field environment, accurate and more comprehensive detection, hd detection screen real-time presentation, obtain first-hand video detection data.Cracks, corrosion, blockage, welds, foreign bodies and other internal anomalies are visible.Lithium battery power, suitable for long time continuous work, can be detected while the storage of video, the scene can repeatedly watch a video effect, dissatisfied with the deletion of re-recording, large storage capacity, support file transfer, storage, editing.

Pipe endoscope is especially suitable for inspecting large and long pipes.At present, it has been widely used in pipelines, boilers and pressure vessels, electric power, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, ships, archaeology, military weapons, customs and other fields.The objects of pipeline testing are pipelines, inspection Wells, stormwater outlets and ancillary facilities.Traditional detection methods usually adopt direct visual inspection or some simple tools for inspection, which has many disadvantages such as personal insecurity, disease not easy to find and inaccurate judgment.GT230 multifunctional pipeline endoscope is suitable for video inspection of various pipelines and containers. It is suitable for rapid diagnosis of welding quality, surface finish, degree of rust, crack, blockage and collapse.