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Anti-explosion Crawling Robot Inspection Camera Working on Dangerous Environment


Crawling Robot Pipe Inspection,Anti-Explosion Crawling Robot Inspection Camera is mainly used for rapid detection and diagnosis of municipal drainage pipes.Suitable for outdoor and mobile workplace.

By crawler, lens, cable reel and computer four parts.After connecting with the control system through the cable coil, it can respond to the operation command of the control system and use instrument to avoid manual well operation, ensure personal safety and prevent safety accidents.

There are many toxic gases inside the drainage pipeline, Oil Pipeline Inspection,such as: hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, etc., once people go into the well, there will be serious safety risks, no light inside the pipeline, will affect the judgment results.The instrument has high brightness searchlight, wide Angle, high cleaning camera, and the maximum detection range can reach 120m, making it an excellent choice for Video Inspection.

Anti-explosion Crawling Robot Inspection Camera Application of coal mine accident rescue and search and rescue

Anti Explosion Inspection Robot 1

Coal mine production, often have unexpected explosion accidents, and accident rescue, because the situation is different, often require the participation of climbing robot, a robot's participation, can increase the speed of the rescue, minimize losses, for after the coal mine gas explosion caused by high temperature, smoke and harmful gas and oxygen, and there is possibility of a secondary disasters such as mine under the bad environment, by environment detection and search and rescue robot to replace the rescue crew into the disaster scene, the gas, carbon monoxide, oxygen, temperature, wind speed parameters, as well as the life, the environment information such as images, collected and sent to the rescue command center,Provide reference information for disaster relief decision.

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