Pipe Inspection Camera Working in the Power Plant

March 17, 2021

In many countries, the internal cleanliness inspection of power station boilers mainly relies on industrial endoscopes to complete.

All power plant metal industries, power construction companies, electrical research institutes, and other boiler testing units all have demand for industrial electronic endoscopes.

The actual operation of the electric power industry mainly has certain requirements for probes and wire detection. The first is that the diameter of the metal winding wire can reach 4mm or less, which has extremely high wear resistance and certain flexibility. The second type is a banana skin probe (similar to a cable), which has a certain degree of wear resistance and flexibility, and the third type is a hard push cable probe (GFRP material), which has a high cost performance. Industrial endoscopes are used in various power plants/power construction units to build and inspect important equipment such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, pressure vessels, etc. and other equipment for defect detection And condition monitoring.

Industrial endoscopes can effectively improve the staff's inspection of various equipment problems, and check the quality defects of corrosion, rust spots, cracks, iron filings, foreign bodies, butt welds, etc. in the inspection parts. In the inspection of the power plant unit, the endoscope is mainly used for the inspection and maintenance of the crew according to the weight. The main inspection objects are the heating surface and the header, and the inspection of other parts is relatively easier.

The compactness, portability, and mobility of the instrument itself can reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency. The built-in portable battery is more convenient to work in harsh environments such as small space, high climbing, and field operations. The development of industrial video endoscopes has increasingly demonstrated its technical advantages, such as single-lamp probes getting brighter and higher, resolution higher and higher, metal winding wires more and more refined and wear-resistant, lighter to carry, and easier to operate.

Nowadays, the domestic hard-push cable multi-probe and the high-end industrial endoscope with one host are not tight, which can better complete the endoscope inspection work in the electric power industry, and adapt to the various working conditions in the power plant.