What defect can be inspect?

March 25, 2021


The inspection scope of industrial endoscope covers a variety of aspects, such as weld surface defect inspection, cavity inspection, state inspection, assembly inspection, residual inspection, etc.So how do you determine what kind of defect is being detected by endoscopy?. 


(1) crack.When the light beam irradiates the surface of the detected object, black or bright lines are observed, and at a certain magnification, the lines have irregular edges, and the industrial endoscope is used to detect the pipeline, and it is determined to be a crack. (2) the peeling.When the beam is irradiated in parallel, a shadow is observed behind the raised part.If the beam irradiation Angle is changed, a clear dividing line is observed between the convex part of the surface and the surrounding detected object, and it is judged as peeling. (3) cable and scratches.Under the irradiation of the beam, a regular continuous long line was observed on the surface, which was determined to be a pull line. (4) Pit protrusion.When the beam is irradiated at a certain Angle, it is connected with the boundary of the object around it without dividing line.The part near the light source has a shadow, and the place far from the light source has a bright shadow, which is a pit.When the beam is irradiated at a certain Angle, it is connected with the boundary of the object around it without dividing line.The raised part has a bright shadow and the shadow behind it is a pit.When the pit is deep or the bulge is high, the measuring line of the measuring probe can be bent. (5) spots.When the light beam is irradiated, it is observed that the smooth surface without concave and convex, which is different from the color of the surrounding object, is spotted. (6) corrosion.Under the irradiation of the beam, the lumpy and spotty surfaces were observed, and the slightly uneven surfaces were corroded under a certain magnification. (7) not fully welded.A clear dividing line was observed between the molten metal and the base metal and the weld layer. (8) welding leakage.When the beam is irradiated at a certain Angle, it is observed that it is connected with the molten metal and there is no dividing line when it is a solder leak. (9) Surplus.When the beam is irradiated at any Angle, there are many objects outside the structure with different color and brightness from the surrounding basic objects. (10) Assembly defects.The structural phenomenon that does not conform to the technical conditions of the drawing was observed during the inspection. (11) Dimension measurement.The shape and position dimensions can be measured with a measuring probe when required. Expert series high-end industrial endoscope is a portable multi-functional industrial endoscope independently developed and produced by Jiutai Technology, which realizes the perfect combination of tube mirror and hook mirror, with a wider application range and stronger functionality.Widely used in power plant boiler header, petrochemical, gas pipeline, main steam pipeline, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields, is the necessary choice for industrial maintenance!.