Portable Inspection Camera Application

March 09, 2022

Portable pipe inspection camera have a wide range of applications. Now, Jiutai Technology will share with you the use of portable pipe inspection camera in clean pipelines. The details are as follows:

As an environmentally friendly water purification equipment, it is necessary to use a portable endoscope to focus on inspection the internal welding gap, check whether the welding is intact, or there are surface pores, slag inclusions, cracks and arc scratches.

It is convenient for customer to portable and operation, The pipe camera can be inserted into the pipeline body to achieve 360-degree real-time guidance, with its own built-in lighting source, and detection. The personnel observe the internal image through the liquid crystal display, and the internal condition of the pipe body can be observed through the industrial endoscope, and can take pictures or videos of the defective parts in question. The customer fully affirms the clarity of the equipment and other functions. 

pipe camera/pipe inspection camera/pipe robot camera


1. Megapixel camera, 1080p, can be inspection the pipe’s welding scar defect, internal residual and defects in pipeline.  It is convenient to observation the pipe’s working condition,help worker to adjust the pipe have defect or not, and support take photo ,record and archive pictures and video clearly.

2. Storage capacity 32G to prevent the data loss, HDMI video output port,360 degree endless rotation, 220 degree flip,waterproof IP68,support change the different camera lens, such as 16mm,21mm,37mm,51mm. It can be replaced to match different pipe working condition.

3. 10 inch screen ,HD resolution.

To sum up, this is Zhegnzhou Jiutai Technology Co,.ltd share with you the application of portable pipe camera in clean pipelines. We hope i will be helpful to everyone, If you have good suggestions pls leave messages to us, our technical team would like supply good solution to you.