How to distinguish the layout of urban municipal channel?

April 14, 2022
  • 1.Sewer Line

Sewage pipeline layout according to the geography, drainage system , engineering and hydrologic geology,factories and all kinds of building construction,comprehensive consideration of city development and other engineer factors , the best trunk sewer buried in secondary street or close to the pavement and green space, to facilitate the construction and and daily maintenance work and reduce of affect the traffic.

At the same time,  the main sewage line pipe should be considered and arrange in combination with the sewage branch lines sewage sources in the residential area of the street, and the sewage pipe should have an appropriate buried depth. In general, the buried depth of the main sewage pipe is 3~6m, and the branch pipe is 2~4m.

pipe camera/pipe inspection camera/pipe robot camera

  • 2. Storm sewer drainage line

There are two ways to discharge rainwater in cities: underground pipe trenches and above-ground open channels. For urban centers and main streets with dense buildings, complex traffic, and high sanitation standards and safety requirements, underground pipe trenches should be used to drain rainwater; in urban fringe areas and arid areas with little rainfall, in order to reduce investment, it is more appropriate to use open channels.


Storm sewer drainage line


  • 3. Urban drainage system and integrated pipeline project

There are generally two forms of urban drainage system, namely ground open channel drainage and underground pipe trench drainage system, which constitute the entire regional drainage system project. However, starting from the development of urban industrial production and people's living needs, the city also covers many underground pipelines and above-ground line projects. Therefore, according to the tasks undertaken by various pipelines, the urban drainage system and various pipeline systems must be comprehensively arranged. , Overall arrangement, in order to achieve the purpose of unification of technology, economy and use, according to which the urban pipeline project is divided as follows.


  • 4. CCTV

CCTV pipeline Crawler Robot Inspection Camera is a pipeline inspection robot system that can be used for internal camera inspection and measurement of drainage pipelines. It has strong dynamic performance, strong driving and obstacle crossing capabilities, and can work normally even under harsh pipeline conditions.

pipe camera/pipe inspection camera/pipe robot camera