An important inspection tool for power plants--- industrial Pipe inspection camera

July 15, 2021

One of the main applications of industrial endoscopes is power plants. The most important inspection tool used in daily maintenance and repair of power plants is industrial endoscopes. For example, boiler heat exchangers, super-heater headers, desuperheater headers, reheater headers, high-load and low-load headers, water-cooled walls and header pipes, cylinders, central holes of large shafts, etc. in power plants The main working conditions are to use industrial endoscopes to detect.

Power plant condenser Industrial endoscopes are mainly used in the power plant inspection process to determine whether there are deposits, whether there are cracks, whether there is aging during use, whether the welds of pipe butt joints are qualified, and some internal conditions that we cannot directly observe with the naked eye. The sight glass enters into a small space to perform intuitive detection of the internal situation, which can find problems in time and improve work efficiency. This way, through effective detection and timely prevention of danger, it can avoid losses to the power plant and people's lives.