How to choose the suitable detection line

December 27, 2021

In view of the different use of different industries, how should we choose the detection line of industrial endoscope?

First of all, I want to give you a little knowledge of the industrial endoscope test line. The inspection line of industrial endoscope is generally divided into three kinds:

1. Soft inspection line of tungsten wire woven network/metal woven network.

2. Glass fiber hard test line.

3. Soft metal gooseneck. So how do we choose what's suitable for us?

First of all, the soft detection line of the tungsten wire woven mesh is directly connected with the lens together, which is not separable. It is suitable for the detection of smaller and shorter workpiece and small pipe. The advantage lies in the small volume of the equipment and the portable machine. On the downside, it may be that the test line is fragile. If there is too much bending, the guide wire inside may break, and the whole test line will be useless.

Second hard lines of glass fiber, its lens are separated with the line, can choose different function, the size of the lens to achieve our test result, it is worth mentioning that compared with tungsten wire braided net line, there is no limit to the lines of glass fiber for detection of length, because the line itself has a certain hardness and flexibility,  So you can customize according to the length of the object to be detected, generally speaking, there is no problem with the detection of 80-100 meters.  When it comes to customization, Zhengzhou Jiutai Technology is a professional industrial endoscope manufacturer, which can meet your different needs. 

Finally, the detection line of the soft metal gooseneck tube is also inseparable from the lens, but its characteristics are obvious, it can be arbitrarily bent and determine the direction, into the detected object without the help of external forces can be fixed direction.  The fly in the ointment is that it is not suitable for inspecting larger or longer pipes or workpieces.  

How do we choose suitable detection line?  

Generally speaking, we need to judge according to the size of the detection object, if the detection length is greater than 10mm and more than 5 meters long, it is recommended to use glass fiber detection line, if the detection length is less than 10mm and not more than 5 meters long, it is recommended to use tungsten wire woven network/metal woven network detection line.  

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