Ship Construction Maintenance

October 27, 2020

Industrial endoscopes are used for inspections of large-scale marine diesel engines, engines, oil channels, water channels, pipelines and hull equipment, air-conditioning systems, etc. The camera lens from 2mm-8mm. Through actual inspections, it can quickly know whether there are any occurrences, wear and tear in the internal pipelines and oil pipelines of large diesel engines. Cracks, sand inclusions, foreign matter accumulation, hidden troubles or defects. The industrial endoscope has a omni-directional 360-degree guiding function, the probe can be rotated 360 degrees to inspect anywhere in the diesel engine; high imaging, good color reproduction, adjustable light source brightness, provide sufficient lighting source for internal inspection; convenient operation, camera Take pictures and record the internal conditions, and the judgment is accurate and intuitive. Due to the complicated inspection conditions of shipbuilding, Jiutai Technology Industrial Endoscope can complete real-time inspection without dismantling the entire diesel engine.

Export to many countries such as: United States, Singapore, Poland, South Korea, Russian,United Arab Emirates etc.

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