The maintenance of the pipeline crawler camera is not only the guarantee the life time of the crawler camera, but also the responsibility for the urban underground pipeline.

1. After the inspect is completed, Clean the dirt on the surface of the equipment with clean water and wipe it with a clean towel, and put it back in place according to the packaging requirements; Do not allow the device to be squeezed, bumped or impacted, which may cause unnecessary damage. Crawler camera head, display dust cleaning should be a clean cotton ball dipped in anhydrous alcohol from inside to outside rotation wipe;

2. Handheld wireless tablet or intelligent controller needs to be charged in time, long-term placement when not in use, at least 3 months charge and discharge once;

3. After the equipment is completed, when the internal heat is high, it should be placed into the box after 5-10 minutes, and the dustproof cover corresponding to each joint is covered well;

4. The control system work for 6 months, to timely routine maintenance, check the cooling fan and dust removal work;

5. After the working time of the crawler is 100 hours, the screws of the structural parts should be tightened, long-term placement of more than 6 months, the oil in the machine should be changed, and the sealing status should be checked.